Redeeming the Time

If you heard the talk on Sunday you might remember my fascination with the phrase at the end of Colossians 4:5 – “redeeming the time”. I was having coffee with a small group leader this morning and he mentioned an extra dimension to the phrase that I hadn’t yet noticed: we need to be investing time now in such a way that will reap a greater reward in eternity. BRILLIANT! There are only two things we can do with time, waste it – failing to invest wisely, or redeem it – investing for eternity, the ultimate investment.

I think that’s incredibly exciting!

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2 comments on “Redeeming the Time
  1. Katja McPherson says:

    Yes, investing in eternity…it is also another dimension to conversations “seasoned with salt”. As salt was used as a preservative in those days we can think of our conversations as “preserving” those we speak to.

  2. Ryan says:

    It’s very exciting to think of the time we’re living in – the age of the gospel being proclaimed to all the nations. I was struck again this week with the time we’re living in…and to think that the very reason we’re here is to tell out the good news of Jesus to the world. What an incentive to make sure all our conversations are full of the grace of God!

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