Gearing Up…

As we gear up for a year focussed on mission, praying for the opportunities we have to share the message of Jesus is a great place to start. On Sunday we heard from Liz (AM church) and Jasmine (PM church) about the weekly prayer meeting that has recently commenced – it takes place each Thursday from 7am in the Park Ave building. The purpose of the meeting is that as we grow in our prayer for mission we will hopefully start growing in our action in mission.

So what happens at this weekly prayer meeting? At the start of our time together we hear from God’s Word and spend a couple of minutes in quiet confession and praise to God – reflecting on the Bible passage we’ve just heard; we pray for the personal opportunities we have to share the Gospel in our community – for those we have contact with in our day to day life as well as the opportunities that exist through the various ministries of our church; and we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ overseas who are standing firm in persecution and hardship.

Both Liz and Jasmine reminded us of the great privilege we have as God’s people to talk to Him in prayer, and that we can place full confidence in the fact that God both hears and answers our prayers. Without prayer our labor in the Lord really is in vain – God is the one that’s in control of everything and the only¬†one who makes gospel mission fruitful.

So set your alarm clock a little earlier (perhaps that means setting your alarm time to AM if you’re a Uni student!) and join us each Thursday from 7am in the Park Ave building and let’s get geared up for mission together!

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