Prayer this week…

personal opportunities: It’s a really great thing to be praying for ministries that reach out to our community with the gospel. But perhaps the first thing we should be praying about regarding our local mission is the opportunities for gospel witness in our own lives and situations. Who can you be reaching out to with the gospel in your own life, and how? Pray for these opportunities.


Please pray for everyday evangelism and witness from people in our church

  • For evangelists with the courage, insight and love to be taking hold of opportunities for making conversations about the gospel in simple, clear and culturally relevant ways. Pray that these evangelists would adorn their words with transformed lives.
  • For a growing hunger in people’s lives to share the good news with friends, neighbours and colleagues.
  • That even amongst many people who struggle to evangelise, that many would be ready with an appropriate answer to questions about the hope they have, and lives that prompt those questions.
  • That people would show the love of Jesus in the way they treat others, and that the people of this town truly would see something different about us.
  • That many people in Lismore would have hearts prepared and softened to respond to the gospel with trust and worship.


Praying for India

Bihar is one of the poorest states in India and currently there are 2million people who are homeless because of increasing floods waters. In recent days, people have been killed as riots broke out, due to lack of food and medicines.

In Orissa, monsoon rains triggered flooding, which killed at least 17 people and affected more than 2.4 million others. In the midst of this natural disaster, the persecution against Christians continues unabated. On September 25, attackers rampaged through six villages, killing one man and injuring a second, who is now in the hospital. One church and 109 homes were destroyed in the rampage.

Prayer Points:

  • For the relief efforts in states affected by the floods. May relief, food and medicines reach those in desperate need.
  • For those Christian relief workers going into these areas, may opportunities arise for the truth of Christ to be proclaimed to those in need.
  • For peace in Orissa amongst Maoists, Hindus and Christians. May the hearts of the persecutors be softened to the gospel and may Christians stand firm on the truth and live out the love of Christ.
  • For the government. May the government officials have compassion upon those who are suffering and may they provide the assistance and relief for the poor and homeless in those regions.
  • Pray for God’s mercy upon those people, that through these situations, may people come to know Jesus.
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2 comments on “Prayer this week…
  1. Steve T says:

    I just wanted to encourage others to attend and unite with us in prayer. Even if you don’t feel like praying your company is warmly welcomed.

    Thank you so much to those who do come. Its such an amazing way to start the day! Spending time with our God and brothers & sisters in deep, focused connection.

    We truly serve an awesome God!

  2. Peter Yock says:

    Amen to that Steve – the prayer mornings have been a surprisingly encouraging addition to my week – and it’d be great to see some more pray-ers join us. I’ll add my ‘thanks’ to those who do come – and to those who prepare the prayer points for us.

    If you’re reading this – do come! – it’s hard to think of a better way to start the day – or to take seriously our upcoming year of mission.

    And coffee tastes fantastic afterward too.

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