Getting Ready For Jesus

It’s occurred to me recently, what with our attempts to get the Essential Jesus into every house in Lismore, that it might be good for me to read it myself!  Suzie & I are now up to chapter 5 (reading it together). I wonder if you’ll join us in an “essential Jesus challenge” between now and Sunday 2 August – the first week of our new series: “now for some questions Jesus asked”.

Even if you’ve read Luke’s gospel before, here are a few good reasons to take up the challenge and have a fresh look:

1. It’s great preparation for the coming bible talks and small group series. As you read, ask yourself why Jesus asks so many questions & what he’s trying to get at in each case.

2. The Essential Jesus is a new modern translation and reading something that’s familiar but with a few differences can help you to see things you hadn’t noticed before.

3. God may give you the privilege of meeting someone who has received a copy and it would be excellent to be able to say, “yeah I’ve read that!” and to talk with them about it.

4. Finally, its always a good thing as a Christian to be face-to-face with Jesus. Regularly reading one of the gospels is one of the best ways to make sure that Jesus doesn’t just fade away into the background of your life.

Who’s with me?

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One comment on “Getting Ready For Jesus
  1. Trev says:

    Hey Pete great idea, i know that a few guys are doing this and its good to hear the men are leading this to happening.

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