Safari ’09 – aliens and strangers

G’day all. Well Safari ’09 is officially over and everyone came home with the same number of limbs as they left with, which was pleasing. Although it was a big  week, we had a good time and it was great to see the youth wrestling with God’s word.

It was really cool to finish the week off with Safari Sunday. The youth and the leaders put in a big effort to make it happen and it seemed to go down a treat. There was lots of really positive feedback and I think everyone enjoyed being a part of it.

Please pray that the youth will keep trusting in Jesus (even when it’s hard) and that they will support and encourage each other.

Youth also generally has a lot of momentum after Safari, please pray that the leaders will know how to keep this momentum going – so that this ministry can glorify God it all that it does.

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3 comments on “Safari ’09 – aliens and strangers
  1. Beccy.Cree says:

    Okay…I know I commented on Safari Sunday, but want to comment on Safari as well…also would like to encourage other Safarians to comment on what they enjoyed, learnt, or expirenced.
    I loved Safari, my second time, and was even better than the first time. I learnt HEAPS about being an Alien and Stranger in this world for Jesus, and remembering what Jesus did for me, even when it’s easier to blend and go along with the crowd. I also learnt about how to handle persucution, and how Jesus was persucuted too.
    I also had a LOT of fun. It was great just hanging out with some Christian ppl that I usually only see one or two times a week. It was also nice getting to know some of the leaders a lot better as well 🙂
    So…who else enjoyed Safari (need I ask? Everyone went!) But what was peoples favourite parts? What did they learn?

  2. Trev says:

    Hey thanks Simon and all the other leaders for all that you do to get safari going and the love you have in sharing the gospel with the youngies of the church.
    Praying for the youth to meet and support each other in their walk with Jesus is so important but let us as parents/adults lead by example and all so encourage our kids to deepen their faith in God

  3. Simon Allery says:

    Thanks Bec, for encouraging the youth to make a comment. Your comments and involvement with youth stuff is always very encouraging.

    Trev you go for it mate…

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