What Controls You?

This weekend, you might not see many TBT students around – it’s MYC time and we’re off on a road trip to Coffs Harbour.

MYC (Mid Year Conference) is a chance for TBT students to spend a weekend away with a bunch of uni students from both Lismore and Armidale.  We’ll be thinking about the stuff in life that seems to control us: what does it mean to follow Jesus?  How does he change our lives – both at uni and beyond?

We’d love you to please pray with for us as we learn from the Bible (Titus), and as they attend seminars to help them think through how following Jesus changes their lives.  Please pray that we have a great time getting to know each other and the students from Armidale, building relationships which are Jesus centred.

Perhaps as this weekend you’d like to read Titus yourself and ask the same question that the students will be grappling with: Does Jesus control your life?

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