Good News at the Pump

I can remember blogging about the rising price of petrol back in May. This morning I have sent off the piece below as a letter to the Northern Star, in view of the imminent fall in petrol prices. I suppose the message of both pieces is much the same though. Rise or fall, you wouldn’t want your trust in anything other than Jesus. Here’s what I sent:

It seems we’re set for some good news at the pump as petrol prices retreat from the highs of recent months. Apparently we might be paying as little as a dollar a litre within weeks. That’s welcome news. Yet it wasn’t that long ago at all that we thought anything over a dollar was outrageously expensive!

It all seems so fickle. There has to be more to life than riding the economic rollercoaster of  petrol prices, stock values and government policies.

Jesus said, “a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15).  He said it a long time before the current ‘global financial crisis’. He said it because there is always a crisis when our trust is in the temporary things of this earth.

Lots of people are doing it tough at present. So there is some good news in relief at the bowser. But Jesus came to earth to offer far greater relief than that. Eternal relief. As Christmas approaches, rather than being swept up or psyched out by the ‘commercial’ Christmas, why not check out the Christ of Christmas.

Steve Cree
Southern Cross Presbyterian Church Lismore

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  1. David says:

    A great reminder Steve of the things that are sure, important and eternal.

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