My Part in Connect09

Connect09 has already begun and on Sunday we heard about what it means for each of us to play a part in our mission to Lismore.

Part of that mission will include looking through and filling out a booklet called “my part in connect09” which most of you should now have.  If you haven’t received a booklet and would like one please call or email the office.

Within the booklet there is a lot to read through, think and pray about.  Although there is a green page in the centre of the booklet that needs to be filled out and returned, there is a lot that can’t be filled out on paper.  There are so many opportunities that exist everyday and it is about making the most of these opportunities for the gospel whatever situation you are in – continuing to look up, look around and look out.

We will be talking more about this in the coming weeks and in your small groups.

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