Growup: day 102

Psalm 29:1 – 34:22

Reading God’s word is a timely refuge – we’ve just read the stories of David’s life, the struggles, the joys, the sin and the repentance. Remembering this put the psalms from today’s reading in perspective.

Over and over again, David cries out to God when the weight of the world’s evilness was upon on him, surrounding him from all sides. David isn’t just crying out for help because he thinks he deserves to be helped, that God owes him something; instead he is crying out to God, but on the basis of God’s unfailing love to his people (psalm 31:16, 32:10, 33:5, 33:18, 33:22), on His faithfulness to his promises. It is also not just a cry for physical help but a cry for salvation, a cry for forgiveness of sins (psalm 32:1–5).

There is great encouragement from reading this today – that David lived, trusting in God’s faithfulness to bring salvation to his people, and we live, trusting in the salvation that has come in Jesus. God’s plan and purposes can’t be thwarted, they stand firm forever (33:11) and this is shown in the victory of Jesus on the cross.

What is our response? Our response is to live, as Pete encouraged us and spurred us on to do last Sunday.

To live.

To love those around us by the strength that God gives us.

To be praising God as in the psalms, knowing that our salvation has come, at such a great cost to our Heavenly Father.

Praise God for his great faithfulness to his people that are rebellious and sinful. Praise God that he gives us his Spirit to keep living and loving, even when its tough.

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