Growup: Day 104

Psalm 35: 1- 38:22

Sorry for the lateness of this blog I had some computer troubles early this morning.

I think sometimes when I read the Psalms I too quickly think about my own life and forget to remember that the psalmist is talking about a real situation they are facing, and that ultimately all the Psalms are fulfilled in Jesus.

Lately I have been reading through 1 Samuel (getting ready for term2) and I have been struck by how much of the text (about 1/3 if I can remember correctly) is about Saul chasing David and trying to kill him. Reading 1 Samuel has reminded me that the Psalms have a context. As I read through this mornings Psalms I was trying to think about their context (sometimes the bit at the start of the Psalm helps  but not today).

Psalm 35 could have be written by David when he was fleeing Saul, Psalm 36 seems more like a general reflection on the wicked, Psalm 37 is an acrostic poem by David when he was  an old fella (see verse 25) and Psalm 38 seems to be about a time when David had stuffed up (we will see in 1 Samuel that David stuffs up more than just with Bathsheba).

If you’ve got some time, think more about the historical context of the Psalms and then do some more hard work, and workout how they about the King who never stuffed up but suffered, bled and died for sinners like me and you.

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