Growup: Day 111

Psalms 75:1-78:72

There was a lot to read this morning or maybe just the fact that Psalm 78 was 72 verses long put me off.

But of the four Psalms this morning I really enjoyed 78.

It’s a great recap of what has happened in the history of Israel so far and the funny thing is the Psalm stops with David. Just  where we are about to start looking together as a church.

It so easy to see how dumb Israel was – God has delivered them in all kinds of ways and yet they still didn’t trust him and wanted to go back to their old ways. But the reason I like being reminded of the exodus is I reckon we’re very similar to Israelites. See I reckon even with Jesus’ death and resurrection being constantly reminded to us – we quickly forget all that we have in Christ and want to go back to the old way of things.

The talk on Sunday was a great reminder for me of what we have in Jesus and the response I need to make. That I need to willingly pick up my cross each morning. Do you still crave the old life? Or do you realise what you have in Jesus?

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