Growup: Day 12

Genesis 39:1 – 41:57

Aaaahhh Joseph! You gotta love this guy! I mean sure he starts out a bit stuck up but nothing a few years as a slave couldn’t fix!

I love the way that Joseph’s temptation in Potiphar’s household is told to remind us of an earlier temptation – circumstances of blessing, delegated authority, only one thing forbidden – but this time our man resists! I love too the way that Joseph is so relentless in giving the glory to God rather than taking the credit when things work out for him. I reckon there’s a lot I could learn from this guy.

But what’s with the robes? First the robe from his Father that his brothers tore from him and used to deceive their father, then the robe that Potiphar’s wife tore from him and used to deceive her husband, and then the robe from Pharaoh… hmmm… there’s gotta be something there…

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One comment on “Growup: Day 12
  1. Rachael Voltz says:

    Genesis 40:14-15 Joseph is spoken about his own case he doesn’t refect upon his brethren that sold him .Nor does he reflect on the wrong done to him in his inprisonment by his mistress or the incorrect judgement of his master,but he mildly avers his innocence.
    This teaches me that when I am called to vindicate myself ,that I should carefullyavoid,as much as possible,speaking ill of others.May I be content to prove myself innocent and not be fond of unbraiding others with their guilt.
    There are times where we must rest in the knowledge that God is our judge and He knows the truth i.e our innocence.All that matters is that God knows and He will remain faithful to us in a world of injustice.

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