Growup: Day 11

Genesis 35:16 – 38:30

A pregnant lady on a journey to Bethlehem – remind you of any particular part of the Bible? Before today I wouldn’t have answered: “sure – Genesis35!” I’m not sure what the connection is yet – maybe there’s a clue in the names of the child – Ben-Oni (son of my trouble) and Benjamin (son of my right hand) – maybe there’s a connection with the curse in Genesis 3:16 and the curious verse in 1 Timothy 2:15… Hmmm, more to ponder…

But its time to move on to the next generation – the 12 sons of Israel. Will their story be as chequered as those of their forefathers? Probably. Is there ever going to be a hero in this story, maybe but we’ll have to keep reading…

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