Growup: Day 10

Genesis 32:1-35:15

I hope ya still going strong. Well Genesis seems to go from one strange story to another. I’ve got to admit that I do find it pretty funny that Jacob’s sons attack Shechem and his people while they are still suffering the pain of circumcision. Ouch!

I have always found the story about Jacob wrestling with God, weird. I can vaguely remember someone preaching on this text at an NCCC some years ago but I can’t necessarily remember what they said.

I think the gist of it was that Jacob was always trying to grasp (grab hold of) the blessing of God, when God was going to give it to him anyway. It seems that Jacob didn’t trust God’s word. Check out Genesis 25:23.

Anyway through all this we see that God is still faithful and that some of the promises made to Abraham are restated and promised to Jacob (now Israel) as well. Checkout Genesis 35:11-12.

Do you doubt God’s faithfulness?

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