Growup: Day 159

2 Kings 10:1-12:3

Y’know I reckon one of the BEST things about reading the Old Testament is that it helps me to see just how terrible sin is, MY sin! – God’s judgment makes this so clear. I think it’s easy to get a distorted view of God’s grace from the fact that we currently live in the time of God’s great amnesty where he is, to a certain extent, withholding his judgment until the end. But we need to remember that the end will come and the judgment on sin that we witness in the Old Testament will seem like a pale thing in comparison to that final judgment! God really hates idolatry and he is really committed to his own glory. For a human being this would be inexcusable egotism but for God it is completely right and good and it’s only when God is honoured that good relationships are possible in his creation. God’s work in the world is the work of restoring everything to it’s intended order and this will only be achieved when sin is finally and fully eradicated.

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