Growup: day 160

2 Chronicles 23:1  – 24:27 & 2 kings12:4  – 12:21

In some ways, you would think that a child growing up in the temple, hearing the ways of the Lord at such a young age would make a pretty good king. A king that follow the one thing that God commanded of the king – to read his words everyday and be obedient to them, living with God as the Lord and King.

Things were looking promising for Joash – he had Jehoiada looking after him, teaching him the ways of the Lord; he was presented with a copy of the covenant to read and look at every day…

“Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord all the years of Jehoiada the priest…”

So what happened after Jehoiada, Joash’s teacher and guide, died…? He listened to officials from Judah and abandoned the temple of the Lord.

It is amazing how promising things look but then they fall into a heap because man sins, man rebels against God and forgets that God knows what is best… I was chatting with someone yesterday about how much it astounds me that Jesus was a man on earth, and he didn’t sin. He didn’t rebel against God and he was obedient to God because he KNEW that God has a plan, he knew that God knows what is best. I think it astounds me because it is such a stark contrast to our own human sinfulness and the sinfulness of the kings.

Jesus truly was the King who fulfilled all the commands of God that young Joash couldn’t fulfil.

Jesus truly was the King who fulfilled all the commands of God that WE could not fulfil. Praise God for his faithful plan that wouldn’t be corrupted by sinful man and that plan reached its climax in the cross.

Be cherishing all that God did through Jesus on the cross – that it may give you great joy and hope in the victory so you know that in Christ, you are more than a conqueror…

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