Growup: day 175

Isaiah 1:1-4:1

I haven’t had much to do with the book of Isaiah before. From the outset the picture is pretty grim. It appears as though the LORD has had enough of his rebellious people. He has had enough of Israel and Judah.

       Hear, O heavens! Listen, O earth!
       For the LORD has spoken:
       “I reared children and brought them up,
       but they have rebelled against me. Isaiah 1:2

Judgement is coming for his people but in all of it there seems to be some hope.

      “Come now, let us reason together,”
       says the LORD.
       “Though your sins are like scarlet,
       they shall be as white as snow;
       though they are red as crimson,
       they shall be like wool.

I guess we will have to keep reading to find out the full story but the fact that the name Isaiah means ‘The LORD saves’, gives a pretty good indication of where this story might end up.

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  1. James Ritchie says:

    Isaiah is an excellently brilliant book. easily my favourite OT book!

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