Growup: Day 194

Jeremiah 1-2

Anyone itching to be a prophet?! Just read Jeremiah 1 and you’ll have that itch well and truly scratched! How hard it must have been for Jeremiah to proclaim the word of the Lord fearlessly! BUT, he did have one thing to strengthen him – the PROMISE of God that though Jerusalem itself would fall, he would remain standing.

In Chapter 2 God, through Jeremiah, lays out his accusations against Israel and why he is now going to send a conqueror from the North. In summary, Israel’s great sin has been to turn anywhere but to God and then to deny this sin. It’s a good warning for us to examine our own hearts. Its all too easy to pretend to ourselves and to each other that we’re worshiping God but in fact to be busy worshiping worthless idols. Have you done that “heart work” lately? Maybe its time…

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