Safari 2010 – post mortem

5 stitches

Countless bruises and blisters (mainly from ice skating and the leaders verse the youth soccer match)

Lots of young people thinking seriouly about Jesus and what it means for them to follow him and never turn away from him

And one youth very seriously considering becoming a Christian

Please pray for all the youth

Peace out

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5 comments on “Safari 2010 – post mortem
  1. David says:

    Thanks everyone who helped make Safari such a success. Mitch came home and seemed to have remembered quiet a bit from the talks. He seemed to have had a good time, even though he caught a cold and was tired (he hadn’t got out of bed when I left for work this morning at 7:30, which is unusual for him). I hope there are plans to ensure Safari can still happen next year when quiet a few of the leaders have moved away!

  2. Maryanne Herd says:

    5 stitches???
    but i can agree with the bruises and blisters man those soccer games were death but extremely fun 😀
    man i had such an amazing time every year when i get back i always wish it never ended cant wait for next year!!! only about 360 sleeps 😀

  3. Mitchell Roberts says:

    Theo got a bad cut and had to leave for the stitches on the first day but got back quick.

  4. Maryanne Herd says:

    oh right the cut on his leg? i missed that because i wasn’t there the first day, it makes sense now 🙂

  5. Neil Caton says:

    Didn’t want to go on Safari at the start… Well, first time isn’t always so good when you go on safari but then you get use to it and discover how great the opportunity is… I learnt alot and now i’m starting to see how awesome it is the second time round 😀

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