Growup: Day 26

Exodus 34:1-37:16

Repetition – it can get a bit boring, can’t it? Repetition – it can get a bit boring, can’t it?

So why does God seem to be so BIG on repetition. Is he TRYING to make reading his word difficult – just to test us??? Most of today’s passage is pretty much word-for-word repetition from a few chapters earlier. Why couldn’t God just say something like “…and Israel did everything just as the LORD commanded them”?

I’ve got a theory (or two).

I reckon the most obvious reason is simply that repetition drives the point home in a way that a summary statement just can’t achieve. When you have to wade through every single word you get the message loud and clear! God said… and it was so… God said… and it was so… God said… hmmm… I’ve heard that sort of thing somewhere else…

Which brings me to my next theory. I reckon God is telling us something about the power of his word and the importance of listening to him carefully and obeying him fully. God’s word is compelling – he is powerful and in control and his word is to be heeded. In fact this is the essence of trusting God, the heart of faithful worship – hearing God’s word and heeding God’s word – doing what he says. The alternative to this – not listening to God’s word and failing to obey – is the essence of SIN. This is why even though in the episode with the golden calf Israel believed they were worshiping God – “Tomorrow there will be a festival to the LORD” (Exodus 32:5) – they failed to worship him truly because they devised their own expression of worship.

Do you reckon you worship God in the way that his word tells us is pleasing to him. Do you worship God by offering yourself as a “living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God” (Rom 12:1)? Or do you prefer some other, lesser form of worship? God wants your LIFE, he wants YOU, he wants your HEART.

Has he got it?

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2 comments on “Growup: Day 26
  1. David says:

    Thanks for your encouragement to live as a living sacrifice Pete in light of this passage. “Worshiping” in any other way sure is more appealing to my senses. This passage sure was a repetition of the earlier verses – I was wondering if I forgot to delete off my MP3 the chapters I had already listened to!

  2. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi David

    Press on – plenty more repetition to come! But I’m confident that God knows what we need and is teaching us heaps through his word – even the second time round!

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