Growup: day 27

I don’t know about you but these last few chapters have been a struggle – my big question has been why? Why are all these instructions in the bible?

Well, yesterday Pete floated the theory about the Word of God and the importance of following it. All the repetition, all the instructions were pointing to the importance of God’s people following God by being obedient to his Word. This reached a climax, the end of the line – the Tent of Meeting was completed and… God came and dwelt among his people. The Most Holy God, the Creator of all, came and dwelt among a people who a few chapters early had forsaken Him for a golden calf.

How was this possible? Because the people followed God’s Word, his instructions on how EVERYTHING in the Tent of Meeting needed to be made. Any skills or abilities that the people had to follow these instructions were given as a gift by God. All the instructions were completed so that God could dwell among his people.

…the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle…

It was a pretty striking reminder that the instructions needed to be followed perfectly so that God could dwell among his people. It was their sin that was a barrier between them and God but yet, God graciously and patiently provides for them to make a place for Him to dwell among them.

Ultimately, God had a plan that was fulfilled in Jesus. Because of Jesus, we can be in relationship with God and He dwells within us, slowly changing us to live for Him.

Do we really understand all the perfection and holiness demanded in the OT for God to dwell with his people was fulfilled for us in Jesus as he died with our sin on his shoulders?

Are we living in response to this grace, growing in joy, in thankfulness, in holiness & godliness?

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