Growup: Day 5

Genesis 18:1-20:18

G’day people who look at this – I hope that ya year is shaping up as a year where you will grow to be like Jesus.

I just need to say from the start my comments will always be brief.

What a messed up part of the Bible. From men wanting to have sex with angels to daughters getting their father drunk so that they can preserve the family line. It’s a little hard to know what to say.

I guess the thing that sticks out to me is God’s faithfulness. That God keeps his promise to Abraham (Abram means Dad and Abraham means Big Daddy), even when he and is wife are old and crusty. Even when the very heart of humans seems to be pure evil.

I thank God that he was faithful to all his promises in Jesus and that we gentiles (the outsiders) can be part of the promises.

Enjoy ya day.

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2 comments on “Growup: Day 5
  1. Rachael Voltz says:

    Two points drawn out for me today were
    *Abraham was eager to bless his visitors(God) by giving the best of what he had.Therefore,I can and should give the Lord my all ,that, I can bless Him too.
    *Sarah doubts(18:12),she “boxes” in God into human logic .How do I box in God in my life?Is anything too hard for my LORD?I think not!

  2. Simon Allery says:

    Thanks for ya helpful thoughts Rachel.

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