Growup: Day 75

1 Chronicles 4:1-6:47

Well other than picking on the people with the funniest names, what are we to make of chapters like these?!

I guess the overwhelming impression is that God has been faithful to all the good promises that he had made to Abraham so many generations earlier. And in the face of the unfaithfulness of Israel’s monarchy (stay tuned), God’s faithfulness is all the more significant. God makes promises and he keeps them. Every name in these genealogies stands as a testimony to the fact that God is as good as his word. I suppose these chapters are also evidence that the Israelites were very careful historians – important when it comes to assessing the trustworthiness of the scriptures.

So all-in-all, though they’re not the most scintillating read, chapters such as these are still very useful for strengthening our faith.

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