Growup: day 76

Sorry about the late blog!

I completely lost track of the days of the week and where we were up to on the bible reading as I forgot to take the booklet on holidays with me! It was great to get back and read back over the blogs from the last few weeks – thanks guys for all your thoughts. Its encouraging to know we don’t read in isolation but we’re doing this as a family!

so 1 Chronicles 6:48 – 8:40…

When I was reading this, it felt like some of it was stuff that we’ve heard before – the land that was allotted to God’s people, the numerous descendants that God had faithfully provided. God’s people in God’s promised land but were they living under God’s rule? It doesn’t tell us but overall, we know the book is pointing the faithfulness of God in keeping his promise.

If anyone has any thoughts about this passage, please share! I struggled to keep reading (and struggled not to skim read) as there were lots of names of people I have no idea how to pronounce and where they fit into the bigger story, God’s big story.

Sorry again for the late blog.

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