Growup: Day 84

1 Samuel 23:1 – 25:44

This mornings readings are a little strange. I find it hard to know what to make of David creeping up behind Saul and cutting of a corner of his robe. I can’t help myself thinking why didn’t David just kill him because he seems pretty happy to kill other people? I know David’s says how can he kill God’s annointed but God’s spirit has left Saul.

Anyway maybe part of the answer is that God just seems to be in complete control of the situation, protecting David and handing his enemy over to him. God has chosen his new King and he will be King – even Saul acknowledges that. But I find it hard to answer the key question this morning – how do these chapters point to Jesus?

Any thoughts?

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  1. James Ritchie says:

    mm.. some random thoughts.. sorry i’m too lazy to structure everything nicely

    With the not killing Saul, I think it’s that David is like Jesus in that he fights against God’s enemies, defeating/ killing them, bring judgement upon them- rather than on God’s people (especially the one he has chosen to represent God’s people – ie Saul – the King)

    And i think what you said about God being in complete control helps us see Jesus in this passage, as in that God is sovereignly working to bring about his plan to raise up his chosen King- that theme is so clear throughout Samuel, and we can trust in God in that so much. Especially with it being God’s perfect plan for Jesus to die on the cross and be raised as true king (christ)(Acts 4:27-28) and God’s perfect plan to save us and bring us into his kingdom (1 Tim 2:9) It’s all God – He controls – and we can trust in him.

    mm.. and also i noticed 1 Sam 24:13 ‘out of evildoers comes evil deeds’ or in the ESV ‘out of the wicked comes wickedness’ and how Saul, but then later David (murder and adultery!) show that they themselves, in their actual hearts ARE WICKED. And we are the same, as shown by our deeds.

    But it should make us so thankful that instead of being counted as God’s enemies to be killed by God’s king, because of God’s love and his sovereign plan to show us grace in Jesus death n resurrection we are now God’s people!!
    Not under the judgement that God’s king will bring upon God’s enemies (2 Thessalonians 1:5-10).

    That’s enough to forever thank and praise King Jesus for what he has done.

    haha thanks simon, for helping me to think, i had nothing when i u asked for any thoughts..

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