Happy Christmas!

Just a quick to note to say Happy Christmas from the ministry team.  This morning was really lovely and I always find it so special to see others from my church family on Christmas morning.  The talk given by Steve Cree on Christmas wisdom will be uploaded to the website on Saturday afternoon.

One of my good friends was walking this morning and had emailed me the following words as he was reflecting on what today means… 

He was never a secret
He was always the plan
That My dear God would become a man
To be wrapped in grave clothes and laid in a trough
To finally have His head laid on a hard rugged cross

I’m so glad He came for me
To pay for my sins and set me free
To make me free and to give me life
By lying His head on the thorns and the cross

All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.  Acts 10:43

I hope you have had a lovely day remembering the great things God has done for us in sending his one and only son to die in our place.

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2 comments on “Happy Christmas!
  1. David says:

    Thanks for all work you guys put into helping our church carry out our God given mission to present Christ to everyone and everyone mature in Christ. It is a real blessing to be part of a church that encourages and supports people to live sacrificial lives in response to God’s sacrificial gift to us in Jesus. It was great to come to church today and hear such a gospel focused talk that not only encouraged me, but hopefully encouraged many (including non-Christians) to worship God in spirit and in truth. Merry Christmas SCPC ministry team!

  2. Beccy C. says:

    Merry Christmas to evryone at church but especially to the ministry team who puts so much effort into making church run smoothly each week. Thanks guys!!

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