Goodbye to Iedema family…

On Sunday we heard from Wade & Rachel about their upcoming plans for next year and reminisced about their time with us.

We will definitely miss them but are so excited about their future plans especially with Wade developing resources for children’s ministry.  Next year, the Iedema family will be moving to Sydney for two years where Wade will work for Quizworx for 3 days a week and will also be doing some part-time ministry in children’s ministry.

Quizworx is a team of Christians who present the gospel of Jesus to kids in fund and innovative ways.  They began in 1998 as a part time ministry, and have been full-time since 2003.  Currently they have three full time employees and two working part time.  In 2008, they performed 400 shows to approximately 40 000 kids and much of their work is in schools bringing the gospel to children who don’t have opportunities to hear about Jesus.  You can check out their website

At this stage Wade is committing to one year with Quizworx, with the possibility of a second.  Quizworx relies on the generous support of many people – if you would like to partner with Wade and Rachel, Halen & Ben in their new ministry role then please contact the office for further details.

Wade and Rachel have been a big part of our church family and I personally am going to miss them all (especially Wade in the office).

If you have been encouraged by their ministry and would like to leave them a message then please write a comment below…

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6 comments on “Goodbye to Iedema family…
  1. pete says:

    Goodbye dear friends

    We love you. We’ll miss you. But give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord and the cost will not be in vain.

  2. peter yock says:

    I’ll really miss you iedemas! Love you all very much, and it’s hard to watch you go. Thanks so much for spurring me and many people on for five years. We’ll all be at loss without you.

    …but we’ll look forward to some hit songs from Lifetone in the not-too-distant future! – starring who else but (Van) Halen on the drums…

  3. Beccy C. says:

    Goodbye iedemas!!! We’ll miss you all (especially Ben in creche!!) I hope you will all enjoy living in sydney!!!

  4. Suzie says:

    our dear friends in Christ, Lismore will seem empty without all the fun you bring. Thankyou espcailly Rachel for your fantastic friendship and your humility and your geniuine desire to know God better. Hamish also feels sad, so sad to be loosing his buddy Halen that tears roll down his cheek each time we mention your leaving. Bring on heaven where there’s no more goodbyes.

  5. Rachael says:

    I’m going to miss you guys SO much!
    I’ll miss Halen and Ben in Thursday creche, I’ll miss catching up with Rach and praying together, and I’ll miss Wade and all his smart alec comments 🙂
    Thanks to you all for being so devoted to God and for living lives of service.
    You will be greatly missed at SCPC, but praise God for the wonders of modern technology! (especially Facebook) 🙂
    I also reiterate Suzie’s comment:
    ‘Bring on heaven where there’s no more goodbyes.’
    Love you all heaps!

  6. Rachel says:

    It is us who are going to deeply miss you guys!! We are part of something so big and amazing here at SCPC and the pain of leaving just shows how much love there is here.

    Thanks Rach for all your love and fun you give the boys and how you serve at creche. I shall miss our catch ups! Halen & Ben are going to miss everyone who cares for them – thanks Beccy we will miss you too. Thanks to EVERYONE for their love & care to our two boys.

    Suzie, Pete, Daisy & Hamish thankyou for your tireless love & committment to serve the King. Halen is certainly going to miss Hamish as well as all the other special friends he has at this church. Pete Y we shall miss your friendship. Thanks for the example you are of total trust in God and for serving our church family through music.

    You are all so dear to our hearts and have been a huge part of our lives. We love you all so so much and will miss you all.

    Love Rach, Wade, Halen and Ben

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