Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! What will 2014 hold for you? Some of it will be beyond your control or ability to influence but a fair amount of how your year pans out will be down to the choices you make. In fact, the choices you make right now! That’s why “new year’s resolutions” can be such a useful tool.

As we head into 2014, keen to “love like Jesus”, what conscious, targeted efforts are you going to make to make progress towards that awesome goal? What will it look like in your various relationships and roles? What will it mean about the way you speak, how you use your time, whose good you seek, your spending & giving choices, who you choose to invest in and what you choose NOT to do? If ever there was a good time to ask and answer these important questions, that time is now.

So SCPC, 2014 – Love Like Jesus, what will it look like for you? For a few helpful tips on what makes a good New Years resolution, check out this link.

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