Keep Calm For Christ Has Won

I recently attended the QLDNNSW CMS Summer School.cms
This was a 5 day conference on God’s global mission.

Each day there was a sermon from Revelation, workshops ( I attended loving Muslims with your mind, engaging with Buddhists, and,  Aboriginal ministry and the role of Church in reconciliation),  talks and videos from current and former missionaries and time to share meals and chat.

My highlights were the following:

  • Meeting Mori. Mori was a former Muslim from Iran who started trusting in salvation through Jesus once he came to Australia as a refugee. He was 28 and his wife and child are still in Iran. He was very happy to talk to anyone about his story. He hopes for his wife to come to Australia soon.
  • Meeting Jim (and his Uncle Paul). Jim is the minister of the Greek Evangelical Church in West End Brisbane. His Great Grandfather started the Greek Evangelical Church. I was happy to meet him and chat about his ministry and joys and trials in being Greek.
  • Hearing Keith and Marion Birchley talk about their plans to move and minister in PNG and what made them decide to do that. They said something to the effect of: we are extravagantly rich and extremely selfish. And they wanted to move to share God’s truth with people in PNG.

Overall the conference gave me a lot to think and reflect on. I hope to use this knowledge to better develop the GMP ministry.

Feel free to ask me about any aspect of the conference you are interested in…

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  1. James Ritchie says:

    Thanks for the update Mark:-) I’ve enjoyed hearing all your thoughts from the conference.

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