I recently caught up with Lucy about her new beginning as a METRO trainee and we thought it sounded better as METRINA…

Lucy is SCPC’s second ever female trainee. Here are some of her thoughts…

What made you want to do Metro?

I really wanted to have a chance to learn more about serving God through ministry. Metro seemed like a great way to be trained in this as well as have a chance to see if full time ministry is something that I could do in the future.

There have been a lot of male Metro trainees in our church, how does it feel to be the second female?

I am really excited to be the second female metro trainee at our church and I hope that there will be heaps more to come.  I have a great passion for seeing women grow in light of the gospel and I look forward to being a part of that in our church.

What kinds of things will you do as part of Metro?

I will spending a lot of time at uni with EC (the Christian group on campus) where I’ll have the opportunity to meet one to one and read the bible with young women there.  I will co-leading PHATT, a lunchtime group who meet once a week at Richmond River High School.  So far I’ve also had a chance to be involved in Kid’s Church which has been a new and fun experience for me.

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2 comments on “METRINA The New METRO…
  1. Katja's says:

    Metrina sounds like a sanitary product! I prefer Wometro. 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    Yay Lucy. We are so happy that you decided to do METRO what a blessing you are and will be.

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