Lantern Parade

I picked up the wishing well this morning and there has already been some exciting/frustrating challenges. As you might be aware there has been a change to the normal route for the parade, due to the recent flood event.

The parade will now probably start at the Lismore Rowing Club and will finish at Jolly Playing Fields. It would be great if you come and support the youth of our church as they carry a wishing well, a pink elephant and handout balloon animals.

The youth who have got the courage to march will need to meet at the Rowing Club at about 5pm. The parade officially starts at 5:30pm and the fiery finale is at 6:45pm. If ya want to know more check out the Lantern Parade’s website

The youth will be given more details at youth next Friday and if ya want to know more please call the church office.

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5 comments on “Lantern Parade
  1. Katja McPherson says:

    Would you like more people to march with you? I think people can make lanterns in town on the day (might want to check that). Just if you wanted to swell the numbers, give us more of a presence in the parade???

  2. Simon Allery says:

    Thanks Katja. At this stage we don’t need anymore people to walk in the parade. But it would be great if heaps of people could come along and support us. By the way feel free to wear ya church shirts.

  3. Trev says:

    Hey Simon keep up the good work brother.

  4. Beccy C. says:

    heaps of my non-christian friends are going, so its a great oppotunity to be a presence in the community, and show a lot of people that there are still christians around lismore.
    should be great 🙂

  5. james says:

    haha.. simon, u gotta be dreaming if u think i will be a wearing a shirt, even an scpc shirt in the middle of the freezing freezing ice night

    well.. anyways cyas there.. with some type of jumper on

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