Lights off, Light on

I noticed the Northern Star newspaper is running a ‘turn off your lights for the planet’ campaign. The idea is that everyone turns off their lights next Wednesday November 26 for half an hour at 8pm. I think you can leave the telly on, although there’s probably nothing worth watching.

As Christians we have every reason to support initiatives such as this. We are to be stewards of everything God has given us. That has to include making every effort to care for the environment, for it is God’s creation. A special day like this reminds us of the little things we can be doing every day in that regard.

But there is something bigger we will have in mind in all of this. We know ultimately that this creation is groaning (Romans 8:22) and is fading away. We know that a new creation is ahead. The real salvation this planet needs is that which can only come from the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It’s great to turn off our lights and save energy. But one thing we cannot save is ourselves. For that we need the Saviour (Luke 2:11), the one who came to be the light of the world, the one who really came to save our planet.

As we build towards connect09 let’s be sure to point people to the real saviour of the planet. Christmas will bring plenty of opportunities to do so.

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2 comments on “Lights off, Light on
  1. Trevor Voltz says:

    It will use more electricity to turn your lights back on ,you are better leaving them off and going to bed maybe just maybe spend the time praying.

    We as christians have to turn on the message of salvation be those bright shining stars in this dark world. So as a church as we journey in to 2009 may we begin to shine now to the people of Lismore and beyond lets knock down the four walls of the church and let the light shine out.

  2. bekc says:

    thats so cool. i think this a great thing to be part of.

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