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Well it’s a week and a bit since Vision Sunday. I wonder if you’ve managed to hold onto a clear image of the picture presented. I’ve certainly heard a lot of enthusiastic talk in the church family about connect09 and about the part each one of us can play. But one challenge for us in the lead-up to next year is to turn all that great talk into great action. One thing that we can all do (and that we can help each other do) is to work carefully through the “my part in connect 09” booklet and return the green survey form to the church office.

In the booklet you’ll find that there is a huge variety of ways to be vitally involved in connect09. There is literally something (in fact MANY things) for everyone! And don’t feel bad if you can’t “tick many boxes”. As we heard from Katja on Sunday, the most important things are things that you can’t tick. To date, we’ve only received 9 surveys back. 9 out of 10 is pretty good. 9 out of about 250 is… well let’s be positive – it’s a start! I can only assume that everyone is being very thoughtful and prayerful and getting each other’s advice before they hand it in. Great idea! But don’t take forever, connect09 will be upon us before we know it!

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5 comments on “Your Part in Connect09
  1. Nicky Pryor says:

    Love the pic for this blog Pete – took me a while to get it (combination of jet-lag and blonde moment)!

    I’m looking forward to going through my booklet, and working out how I can play a part in 2009. I hope to work through it with a bible in one hand and talking about it with Paul.

  2. pete says:

    Hey Nicky – welcome back! sounds like you’re ready to hit the ground running, jet-lag and all.

    We chose the pic mostly for the “part” but I also realised as I added it to the blog that it kinda works a bit for “vision” too – so there you go!

    And Bible in one hand, husband in the other (so to speak) sounds like a great way to work through your survey – I hope you find it a really helpful tool for working out the best ways to serve Jesus in the year ahead.

  3. Trev Voltz says:

    Hey Pete I wonder if the name ‘SURVEY’ should be changed to maybe something like how am I going to serve in 09 just a thought as to me the word survey dosen’t mean much .

  4. pete says:

    Hey Trev

    Good point and as you’ll see from the front of your booklet (and a whole bunch of the stuff inside too!), we’ve certainly tried to avoid JUST calling it a survey – ‘my part in connect09’ is much more descriptive of what it’s all about.

    Having said that, there IS also a survey component to all of this – i.e. the green piece of paper to fill out and hand in so that our efforts in service and mission can be co-ordinated so that the body works at it’s best. I guess we drop the word “survey” in at times just so that we don’t forget that it’s part (but by no means all) of the picture.

  5. Trev Voltz says:

    Its the green bit I am talking about, but I understand what you are saying and I think Katja’s idea of talking to your small group is really a great way of helping you out in the decision of what they see you are good at, as we tend to not see what we are capable of doing through our own eyes. Sometimes we need a little push to get as going or a big boot up the backside.
    Thanks for giving me one on Friday morning before BGB .

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