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Some of you may know that big changes are up ahead for The Bible Talks (TBT) ministry on campus at Southern Cross University. Although TBT will continue to be in close relationship with Southern Cross Presbyterian Church, it will soon be funded independently and overseen by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES).

These changes are aimed at growing the ministry and building a team fully focused on that ministry. One of the most exciting aspects of this is the addition of a female staffworker, Katharine Crossle, who we met on Sunday.

Katharine was interviewed by Jasmine Mathie, who hopes to be doing METRO next year with a focus on uni ministry, and I have tried to capture as much information as I could from the interview below…

Katharine, tell us a bit about yourself…

At the moment I’m on holidays, but I’m also in my final year at bible college in Sydney. I grew up in country Australia, went to uni in Armidale, and am now living in Sydney.

What’s brought you to the point of joining the team at The Bible Talks?

I’ve always lived in country areas so moving to Sydney has been interesting. I went to Bible College to get better equipped to promote the gospel with an idea that I’d like to do ministry in a country area. I was keen to move out of the city, so I got in touch with AFES about working with TBT in Lismore and got the job!

What will your role be in terms of being the female staffworker?

I’ll be looking after the women on campus by meeting with them one to one in a discipling role. The main focus will be to help them become better equipped for evangelism on campus. It’s a great opportunity to grow the ministry and proclaim the gospel in a very secular place. I’m really looking forward to it.

What can we be praying for?

I’m in my last semester of college, so pray that I would learn lots. I’m also involved in a ministry at a uni campus in Sydney where I’m being trained in uni ministry, so please pray for that too. Please pray that during my last 6 months as a student I would be preparing well for next year.

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4 comments on “Meet Katharine Crossle
  1. Nicky Pryor says:

    Thanks Katharine for dropping in on us during your holiday. Also thanks to Jasmine who did a great job as interviewer.
    I’m really excited about where TBT is heading in 2009. It was great to hear Katharine’s passion for the gospel, and her willingness and desire to share that with the ladies at SCU.

    I’d love to encourage everyone to keep The Bible Talks ministry, and Katharine, in your prayers throughout the year. It would also be great to keep this ministry in the picture with regards to your financial giving.

    Looking forward to a full time female staff worker for TBT!

  2. Katharine Crossle says:

    Hi Nicky and everyone at SCPC,

    It was great to be in Lismore a few weeks ago – a pretty good start to my holiday! It was very encouraging to meet you and many others at SCPC – I look forward to getting to know you all in 2009. Thank you for praying for TBT, AFES and me as I plan to join the team there next year – I’m pretty excited about the move to Lismore and being part of God’s mission to uni students at SCU.

  3. hey kaffy, it;s trudlez here. Just surfing the net at my sister in laws house and i googled your name to see how you’re doing, You wouldn’t believe it (or maybe you would…lol) but i now have four kids with a fifth on the way!!!!!! If you want to get in contact just email the above address with your contact details and my sister in law will pass it on to me.

  4. Heather & Frank Zakrzewski says:

    Hi Katharine,
    Here is a surprise for you, hearing from us! Thanks for Christmas wishes thru your Mum and great to hear all the news about you and James. We are thrilled that you are preparing yourself for this great ministry with TBT(first time we heard of it). We’ll be praying for you as you follow Jesus and work with Him at uni, helping others to get excited about how great He is. We’ll write to your Mum and keep looking here for news about you. Love & blessings. F & H

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