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Talk 1, Creation: from God for God

Talk 2, Israel: from God for God

Talk 3, From God For God: Cross

Talk 4, From God for God: Church

Talk 5, From God For God: New Creation

Talk 1, The Ideal Start

Talk 2, The First Hurdle

Talk 3, Danger Within

Talk 5, No more us and them

Talk 6, On The Road

Talk 7, On the Road Again

Talk 8, On Trial

Talk 1, Letters from Heaven

Talk 2, Don’t Forget Your First Love

Talk 3, The Suffering Church

Talk 1, A Fruitful Life

Talk 2, A Restored Life

Talk 3, A Satisfied Life

Talk 3, A Satisfied Life

Talk 4, A liberated life

Talk 5, Christ in Community

Talk 6, Christ at Home

Talk 7, Christ in mission

Talk 4, The Double Edged Sword

Talk 5, The Perfect Partner

Talk 1, Grand Designs

Talk 2, Up-close and personal

Talk 3, Pear-shaped world

Talk 4, Hope Springs

Talk 5, The Environment

Talk 6, Marriage (Genesis 2:18-25)

Justice and Mercy: Part 1

Justice and Mercy: Part 2

Talk 6, Motives Matter

Talk 7, Hold On

Talk 8, Good and Bad Endings

Talk 1, The Two Ways

Talk 2, A song of Distance

Talk 3, A Song of Doubt

Talk 4, A song of humility (Psalm 90:1-17)

Talk 5, History Lessons

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