more Jesus in your ears

one of the exciting things about Dave Kemsley re-vamping the SCPC website is that – for the first time in over a year – the SCPC Music page is back up and running, and has plenty of tunes from the last few years that weren’t available for free listening/downloading until a couple of weeks ago. Have you checked it out yet?

Music is a gift from God. It’s a valuable part of our church services, and can be an enriching part of our Christian lives. At scpc we sing songs that are soaked in God’s word, and songs that help us to reflect on God’s word. Scripture-soaked songs can actually teach us God’s word. They also give us an opportunity for prayer and praise to God, and an opportunity to encourage each other. In a very real way, God can – and does! – use good Christian music to help us grow in our relationship with him.

Make the most of the SCPC music page. We want you to listen to these songs through the week, and keep growing in your relationship with Jesus. You can listen to the songs here on the website, or download them to burn to a CD or listen to on an mp3 player. It’s normally found under Resources –> Music. But if you’re nerdy enough to know what RSS means, you’ll see you can subscribe to the Music Feed too.

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  1. Bronwyn says:

    I’m so pleased this page is back up & running. I’ve missed being able to download the music items we hear on Sundays to be able to keep listening to & meditating on during the week. Please keep adding more.

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