NCCC Reflections


I thought’d it would be good to hear a few people’s reflections from NCCC – both to help those of us who were there to appreciate the weekend and to give those who weren’t a taste.

Personally, I always love NCCC – and not just because I get a “weekend off” :). The opportunity to sit with my brothers and sisters in Christ and feast on nourishing teaching from God’s word is a real joy. The space to reflect together on what we’re hearing is also priceless.


I thought that this years speakers did a great job of revealing the conference theme of “satisfaction guaranteed” from the Bible. Ray focused on Romans 8 and showed verse-by-verse how confident we can be that in Jesus we have been set free from our past slavery to sin in order to serve Jesus in all of life while we wait for his sure return. Phil took an illuminating angle on satisfaction by focusing on the theme of “thirst” in John’s gospel and drawing threads together to show that Jesus has provided for us the deep and lasting satisfaction we need and long for. Great stuff guys – thank you!


Another bonus this year was that all our kids enjoyed their programs. Last year one of them struggled a bit but this year he had his mates with him and that and being a bit older seemed to make all the difference. Thanks to those who served in creche and running the kids program – what a blessing!

How about you? What were your NCCC highlights?


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