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Part of doing METRO is growing in theological understanding, so each term we have a focus area, for me this term is on ‘mission’.

Here are some gems from the chapter I read this week on missional lifestyle:

Missional Lifestyle and the Surrounding Culture

“By it’s very nature, a missional lifestyle is one that is distinct from the surrounding culture. As we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, God creates within us a very singular desire: his glory in all things and before all people. Thus, an authentic Christian lifestyle is one that clearly reflects this single desire.”


Missional Lifestyle and Stewardship

“A missional lifestyle is one in which a believer’s time, talents, and treasures are well stewarded and therefore bring the greatest good to God and his kingdom.”

“Until Jesus returns, God has entrusted believers with the responsibility to streamline all available resources towards the success of his mission here on earth.”


Missional Lifestyle and Stewardship of the Gospel

“We steward the gospel well by proclaiming it to all of mankind. And we steward all other resources well by using them to further the task of spreading the gospel.”



“God has redeemed us by the blood of Jesus Christ and made us stewards of a treasure valuable beyond comprehension – God’s glorious grace made manifest in the gospel. He has made known to us the mystery of his salvation, and he call his church to make known this mystery to the ends of the earth. We must flee the temptation to bury such wealth under the rubble of a safe, comfortable, and unexamined lifestyle. Rather, our Lord summons us to diligently invest this gospel treasure in the lives of the lost, from our neighbourhood to the ends of the earth.”

* Quotes from book


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