O-Week at SCU

I don’t know if you’ve been to the Square this week, but if you have, you may have wondered if there is a promotion on draining racks and toasters.  Just stand at the travelator for 5 minutes and count how many walk out past you, usually accompanied by an 18 year old and a worried looking parent.

It’s o-week at scu, and 1800 first year students have descended on Lismore – most have moved here, having left behind their family, their comfort zone, and the influences of their parents, school friends, and any churches they may have been a part of or Christians they may have known.

So, exactly what has the bible talks (tbt) been up to this week on campus?

tbt’s aim has been to let every student know that there is a Christian group on campus – so that Christian students can be encouraged to keep Jesus as their first priority in life, and so that non-Christian students can be encouraged to think about Jesus – who he is, and what he means for their life.

To achieve this aim, we’ve handed out leaflets, we’ve walked up to students to chat to them and build relationships, and we’ve conducted surveys.  If you’re interested in what uni students think about God, check out our blog (www.thebibletalks.com) for our survey results.  Highlights include the guy who thinks melchizedek is an extra-terrestrial being (check out Genesis 14 and Hebrews 7 for the Bible’s version of events), and the numerous students who ask God for free nachos and beer.  However, many other students asked the big questions – who is God? Why is there suffering in the world? What’s with injustice? Is truth oppressive?  Can we be like Jesus by trying hard?

Please keep praying for the new students – that we can establish relationships with the christian students who have made contact with tbt, and that they can grow as Christians.  Please pray that many will be challenged to think about Jesus seriously for the first time.  Thank God that no student is beyond his influence.

Katharine Crossle

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5 comments on “O-Week at SCU
  1. steve says:

    it’s great to see the O-week effort unfolding… and am very encouraged by the TBT team… it’s definitely very motivating for me in preparing talks for the main meetings on campus in coming weeks.

  2. katharine says:

    thanks steve – it has been an encouraging (and tiring!!) week for us as we’ve met new students around uni. scu has a pretty relaxed and friendly vibe to it! I’m definetly appreciating the freedom we have there to meet as christians and talk about Jesus -a real privelige to be there.

  3. Rachael Trainor says:

    For the small input I have had into o-week this year, I have loved it! It’s exciting to see the numbers of people that we’ve had contact with (whether through the surveys or contact cards…or the vox-pop vids).
    Thank you to all who have put so much effort into the week! (at risk of forgetting someone, I won’t mention specific names). You guys are awesome!
    I’m looking forwad to the bbq tomorrow night, and, as someone aptly stated earlier in the week “what would o-week be without a bbq at Avondale?”. Indeed! I remember going to a bbq there when I first started uni (back in the day). What a fine location for such an event!! And with the new paint job and carpet, who could really keep away??
    Praying for God’s work to continue! And praising Him for all that He’s done!

  4. katharine says:

    thanks rachael – my 1st scu o-week has been exciting… and now that it’s over, my thoughts are turning to the rest of semester. We’ve initiated a lot of new relationships with students this week, and now I’m excited as I anticipate God working in these students throughout the year.

    ps… and our vox pop vids were a highlight of course! to see them, stay tuned to the tuesday tbt meeting

  5. peter y says:

    Gee that’s a lovely picture of you Ryan.

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