O-week has been very exciting (refer to blog about “O-Week at SCU”).  We have had many opportunities to freely speak about the Bible Talks and the gospel of Jesus with others.  People’s responses have been mixed – some are apologetic, some pretend that we don’t exist although we have met some who have been interested and are excited to have found other Christian brothers and sisters. It is such a blessing to be on campus as a bunch of Christians, proclaiming what Jesus did on the cross.

Around the world we hear other stories from people who don’t have the freedom to even say they are Christians on campus. Instead, they meet with people on the campuses building relationships, taking opportunities to answer questions when asked about the “hope that they have…”. The aim of their work is the same as ours – proclaiming Jesus to the many who are lost in the darkness of sin.

This week we have been walking around Southern Cross University wearing shirts with the word freedom written on them. Its an interesting concept “freedom” and the question I have been pondering is “do we really understand the freedom we have to proclaim Jesus? Do we really make the most of it?”

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One comment on “Freedom
  1. peter y says:

    It’s hard not to think that the freedom been celebrated on campus this week is anything but freedom from mum and dad – ‘I’ve finally moved outta home!!! (ps where’s the nacho’s?)

    Thanks TBTer’s – good to see your hard work seeking to save the lost on campus. Keep it up.

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