PHATT – pizza and tough questions

Today at Lismore PHATT (people hearing about the truth – christian lunchtime group) we had a ‘pizza’ evangelistic event. The regular PHATT kids invited their friends to come a long for a feed of pizza and to ask their tough questions about Jesus, God and the Bible. Thanks heaps to those students who did invite their friends.

About thirty students came a long to eat pizza (mainly) and to ask their tough questions. The questions that the students asked are listed below:

  • What’s the difference between Judaism and Christianity?
  • How can God be everywhere?
  • Why is God cruel?
  • Is it alright to believe in Christianity and evolution?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why did God create us in this shape and form?
  • Why did God create people like Hitler?

The event seemed to go pretty smoothly and we had a great opportunity to talk about Jesus. We have invited all the students to come back next term as we spend more time looking at the above questions.

Next Wednesday we are doing a very similar event at Richmond River High please pray that students invite their friends along and that we are able to clearly and effectively talk about Jesus.

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