Prayer this week…Thursday 23 October

Personal opportunities: It’s a really great thing to be praying for ministries that reach out to our community with the gospel. But perhaps the first thing we should be praying about regarding our local mission is the opportunities for gospel witness in our own lives and situations. Who can you be reaching out to with the gospel in your own life, and how? Pray for these opportunities.


The Bible Talks is a Christian group at southern cross university. The focus is on promoting Jesus Christ. This involves a weekly meeting  for students to invite their friends so they can hear about Jesus and check out the truth for themselves, and small bible groups where students are encouraged in how to promote the gospel through their entire lives.

  • Pray for the many students who live day in day out without knowing Jesus and that saving life of knowing God he brings.
  • Pray that Christian students would be excited about the love of Jesus and be eager to build friendships with unbelievers and share the good news with them.


Global Economic Climate

In recent days, the global financial markets have faced dark times. Governments around the world rally to resolve the crisis and are faced with the possibility that if nothing is rectified soon, a second great depression may develop. Many are asking questions as to how this will affect the poorest countries around the world and appeals have gone out to the governments to not neglect their commitments to financial aid and  assistance.

Prayer Points:

  • That at this time, Christians may hold fast to the Truth and not despair but see the treasures of heaven
  • That people may question the hope and security they have in money, challenged to  give up their idol of money and turn to the true hope, the one and only God.
  • That governments may continue to have compassion on those in poverty around the world and continue to provide aid and resources to those.
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