Property Opportunity

Tonight in Sydney there will be a meeting of “the Trustees” of the PCNSW. It’s all a bit mysterious, but I think it will look something like the photo in this post. These are the people who among other things make  decisions on the purchase and sale of property for churches like ours. One of the agenda items for tonight’s meeting is whether to approve SCPC’s purchase of the land at Wyrallah Rd and Brewster St for our possible development and relocation.

The big hitch in our plans (and no doubt a huge consideration in the Trustees deliberations) is that the independent valuations that we’ve had done indicate a much lower value than the sale price we negotiated with the current owner. Ordinarily, the Trustees would only approve a sale or purchase within 10% of the valuation and we’re outside that range. However we have asked the Trustees to give due weight to the fact that the valuation has been worked out according to the current use of the land rather than any future potential it might have.

Please pray that the Trustees would be able to accurately assess the situation and come to a decision that has God’s eternal kingdom as it’s highest interest.

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  1. Kirk says:

    Praying God comes first.

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