Risen in Lismore?

Risen_2016_posterEaster is coming early this year, especially in the form of a new feature film called “Risen”, released this Thursday. And this is no cheesy low-budget B-grade flick. This is a Hollywood blockbuster with all the bells & whistles that delivers the goods – both as a viewing experience and also as a great opportunity to get a conversation going with our friends about Jesus.

BUT, there’s one big problem! At this stage, BCC Lismore Cinema doesn’t have any plans to show Risen.

SO, while I’m not really into campaigns and petitions etc. I wonder if you’d be willing to join me in a little bit of grassroots subterfuge – nothing too obvious or co-ordinated, just a gentle push to see if we can get this movie to come to town.

What I’m suggesting is pretty straightforward: that you just call BCC Lismore (6622 4350) and ask whether they’ll be showing Risen. That’s it. Just a 30 second phone call. And we’ll see if anything happens. I reckon if enough people are asking anything is possible.

Join Me?

P.S. Here’s a good article at gotherefor.com with simple ideas about how to make the most of the opportunity if it comes our way. It also includes the trailer at the end of the article.

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One comment on “Risen in Lismore?
  1. Sam Herd says:

    Did a sneaky call from Toowoomba 😉

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