songs for the shower?

shower singingKeen to reflect on God’s word more? Keen to pray more? Keen to be spurred on as you seek to follow our precious Saviour? Keen to get some out-of-tune singing happening in the car or shower – or both!? You know you are…

Head over to our featured items page and listen to some Christian music! Two items have been added in the last week:

– “Hosanna” , featuring Hannah Kinton on vocals and the SCPC band; and

– “God of Justice” , featuring a local shower-singer

You can listen to songs by hitting the ‘play’ button, or you can download the mp3’s – to burn to a CD, or upload to an mp3 player. (If the media player doesn’t work, you just need to download the latest flash player, which you can get for free here).

Please – do comment, and tell us your favourite song to sing in the shower.

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2 comments on “songs for the shower?
  1. Simon Allery says:

    I really love listening to the SCPC items, especially after I have burned them to a CD, to listen to them on my secret killing device (my discman). Thanks heaps yocksta for making the items so theologically gold and so listenable.

  2. Rachel I says:

    Ditto Simons thoughts! I was just visiting to do exactly that – put them on the computer to listen to and if Im clever enough to put them on my phone to listen sometime….!
    We might not be there each Sunday enjoying the gifts of the talented SCPC band but this is the next best thing!
    Thankyou for your hardwork everyone!

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