Sons of Korah – Psalms to music

sons of korah - resurrectionAfter some quality Christian music to listen to? Aussie group “Sons of Korah” could be for you.

We’ve been listening to a “Sons of Korah” song at church every Sunday before our Bible reading for the January “Psalms – Songs of the King” series. Largely acoustic-guitar-and-vocals based, they put Psalms to music. And with 6 albums up their sleeve so far, they’ve learned to do a good job of it too. Acoustic guitars and vocals are often backed up with strings, percussion, drums, piano, and ethnic-influenced sounds. They’re great musicians.

The album to start with would be “Resurrection“. It’s a collection of Psalms that try to capture the tension of living in a fallen, cursed world – but with the hope of the resurrection ahead. These are Psalms written amidst that tension, crying out to God. My personal favourite is the song “Looking for God” (based on Psalm 69), which you can find on our featured items page. The album has some great artwork.

Personally I enjoy listening to “Sons of Korah” at home or when I go for a walk, and I know I’m not the only one in our Church family who listens to them when I find it hard to pray, praying along with the words.

You can buy all their albums – “Resurrection” included – from their official website, where you can also listen to audio samples. Or you can order them from Koorong, and check out their MySpace page.

“Sons of Korah” – Psalms to music. A good way to make God’s word more a part of your life. Go on, splurge.

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2 comments on “Sons of Korah – Psalms to music
  1. Stacey says:

    I have been so inspired listening to these songs over the past few weeks. It is such a beautiful way to present the psalms and really helps me feel connected to God. I’ll definatly be splurging on one for myself!

  2. peter y says:

    Glad to hear it Stacey – and I hope others in our church family will follow your good example: spending your money on such a fine purchase!

    I’m aware of quite a few people who have been listening to Sons of Korah at home during the week, and everyone mentions how encouraging and helpful it’s been to have God’s word more a part of their life.

    It’s unfortunate that enjoyable Christian music can be hard to find – so when you find something enjoyable, it should be bought, and listened to!

    Have others been finding Sons of Korah helpful?

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