Taiwan Blog: Day 5

After an amazing Donggang sunrise and rooftop study/prayer session with Mark (see photo) we were given a crash course in the ministry of story telling. Christine and Linda took us through a sample passage and shared copious examples of ways this non threatening method of evangelism has afforded them opportunities with the hardest of unbelievers.

We then headed out to the local markets to buy food for lunch as the team was cooking for Linda and Christine. With a little help we got what we needed and met a few of the locals Linda and Christine have been sharing bible stories with.

We then set our sights of preparing our love gift of lunch and had a great time cooking, eating sharing and cleaning while continuing to learn more about Linda and Christine.

Tonight we are planning on sharing dinner together and then settling in for some good old apples to apples (a game Linda has been longing to play for years).

In Christ,
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