MarkFrom the 13th – 25th of October a group of 6 SCPC members will be sent by our church to join in the mission with two of our global mission partners (The Scott family and Linda). Over the next week or so prayer points on each team member will be posted as they prepare for their trip. As a church let’s be praying that God would help them prepare for this great trip.

• For health and energy
• For my wife to be strong in Jesus and having loving people around her while I am away.
• For me to have joy in the time that I am preparing and when I go to Taiwan. That I would help the group bond and be patient with everyone and encourage them when they need it.
• That I can eat more meat and enjoy it (I was raised a vegetarian and struggle psychologically to eat meat).
• That I can have courage in Jesus and trust him with the unknowns of the trip.
• That our gospel communities (and whole church) would be praying for us and interested in the trip.

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