The Lantern Parade

The Lantern Parade is one of the only times that Lismore’s streets are jam packed on a Saturday night (the other time is after Race Day). This year I am wondering if the youth of our church should be involved in the Lantern Parade? I know, that it is what some people might call a ‘pagan festival’ but then again you could call going to the football idol worship as well (unless the mighty Broncos are playing). I should just say I don’t support the worshiping of whatever it is they worship at the event.

I reckon it is a good opportunity to connect with the culture of Lismore and offer some real hope. Checkout what the artistic director Jyllie Jackson had to say about the Lantern Parade in the Northern Rivers Echo printed on Thursday the 16th of April 2009.

“We’re living in challenging times and the Lantern Parade has always been about creating a moment out of time to leave the worries and woes of the world behind and come away with a spark of optimism. It seems more important than ever, now we are being bombarded with the global financial crisis and so much negativity, to provide something that gives people hope.”

The only thing that gives people a sure hope and living hope is Jesus’ death and resurrection and how are people gunna hear about it if we stay at home on Saturday nights reading Lamentations?

The youth could make their own lantern or we could buy one and decorate it.

What do ya reckon?

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2 comments on “The Lantern Parade
  1. David McPherson says:

    Katja here: I think it is a great idea Simon! Without a Christian presence I feel that we are showing our acceptance of the “whatever” being worshipped.

    I think a big lantern will be money well spent – how is Connect 09 Appeal going? You will need to act soon because big ones take ages to make. You could make lamps and use “Jesus is the light of the word” or have everyone in the church march with a star and use “shining like stars as we hold out the word of life” on a banner.

  2. David says:

    I think it would be great to put something in the parade. Katja’s ideas sound great. I’m sure there are artistic and creative people in our church that can help “present Christ to everyone” in an effective and attractive way.

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