The Most Important Chapter in the Bible?

At the end of last term we were looking together at Luke 24. In my small group I suggested that this could very well be the most important chapter in the Bible – a controversial statement no doubt but I wonder if you might be able to guess what I meant? I’d also like to hear anyone else’s suggestions for what might be “the most important chapter (or passage) in the Bible”.

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4 comments on “The Most Important Chapter in the Bible?
  1. Ryan says:

    As for the most important passage in the Bible, I think Luke 24 is definitely up there. But a couple of contenders I reckon are Romans 3 and Romans 8. And, as I’m discovering more and more, Ephesians 1:1-14!

    These passages profoundly explain the heart of what Jesus Christ’s work on the cross was all about, and the wonderful implications and results for all who believe in him.

  2. Pete Thompson says:

    Hey Ryan

    You didn’t play the game properly! You didn’t take a stab at WHY I would have claimed that Luke 24 was the most important chapter of the Bible. Any ideas?


  3. Beccy.Cree says:

    ummm….I’m gonna have a guess….
    Is it because the resurrection of Jesus is the most important thing in our hope for eternal life, because with his death, we are forgiven for our sins (and i’m not undermining that) but we will still die anyway, but with Jesus coming back to life, death has been defeated?
    Thats my guess anyway 😀

  4. Pete Thompson says:

    Hi Beccy

    Thanks for playing!

    Everything that you’ve said about Luke 24 is so true. Jesus’ defeat of death is so clearly the source of our hope – Check out 1 Corinthians 15 too.

    BUT… it’s not actually what I was getting at in terms of Luke 24 being the most important chapter in the Bible…

    Perhaps I need to be more specific. The particular verses I’m thinking of are 25-27 and 44-48. What do these two short passages have in common?

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